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Breakaway project is rock´n´roll band from Prague/Pardubice, Czech Republic


09/09/2010 14:22

Next session!

Here are some news from "Breakaway Project" heavy-metal-team - next recording and writing session will take place on 18th of September 2010. We will re-record first new song for a new album - "Hungry years" and we will try to reherse and record some new material as well. Our audio engineering...
26/04/2010 16:04

New album preparations

Next Breakaway project session is planned on 8th of May 2010. There are unconfirmed rumours, that new multitrack recording technique will be used in action for the first time in Breakaway project history and "Hungry years", first "complete" song from the new album, will be re-recorded.
14/01/2010 11:56

New song!

Breakaway project  is currently working on new album! First song called "Hugry years" was recorded in november 2009. 
07/04/2009 15:47

New album celebration

Private "album release" party will be held on April 11th in Pardubice!
07/04/2009 11:36

Album is completed!

Album called "Stories of distant past" has been finished in april 2009! You can download album in MP3 section

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